• Committed to Families

    Sara-Summer will fight for Pennsylvania children and families impacted by the opioid epidemic.
    The number of children entering foster care due to parental drug abuse has more than doubled nationally during the last two decades.

    • Nationally, 40 percent of foster kids are living with Reactive Attachment Disorder.
    • ​Currently, Pennsylvania lacks proper support for foster and adoptive families to seek necessary mental health care.
    • Sara-Summer wants to introduce legislation that would give foster and adoptive families more resources to support their children with severe developmental disabilities.
    Candidate for state representative Sara-Summer Oliphant meets with constituents
  • Committed to Education

    Sara-Summer comes from a family of educators and is married to a high school principal. She’s worked directly on many of the challenges facing the education system. Goals for education reform:

    • Ensuring every district has adequate resources, despite community tax base
    • Holding all schools funded by tax-payer dollars equally accountable, including charter and cyber-charter schools.
    • Support current proposed funding plan by Governor Wolf, which will eliminate overpayment to charter schools and protect property tax rates.
  • Committed to Progress

    Sara-Summer is committed to fighting for a higher quality of life for her 60,000 constituents, along with 12.8 million residents of Pennsylvania. She’ll do this by:

    • Ensuring access to affordable healthcare for everyone.
    • Protecting marginalized communities with legislative action and accountability.
    • Improving infrastructure to reduce area landslides, flooding and supporting the completion of the MonFayette Expressway.
    • Increasing rights for individuals with disabilities, such as equal pay, reforming asset caps and protecting disability benefits in marriage.
    • Working to prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity.
    Candidate for Pennsylvania State Representative meets with Library Volunteer Fire Company (Station 271)
  • Workers’ Rights

    • Pennsylvania has the lowest minimum wage in the region at $7.25. Sara-Summer will fight for a liveable wage.
    • Sara-Summer stands with unions and respects the importance of them for the hardworking people of the district. She will protect the rights of workers to unionize and collectively bargain.
  • Farming

    • Sara-Summer will work with local farmers to address the issues surrounding meat processing restrictions.
    • She will ensure that state environmental regulators are monitoring water quality around fracking sites to protect crops and livestock.