In My Own Words

Those Good Knives

When I was 23 and in a very transitional stage of my life, I replied to a help wanted ad in a local newspaper. I was thrilled when I was asked to come in the very next day to interview. To my surprise, it was a group of us gathered around a table watching these high quality knives at work. In fact, they even took scissors and cut a penny in half to show us just how sharp they really were. My face must have given me away, because after the presentation the manager said she could tell I wasn’t interested, but they needed somebody to work at the office. Thus began a brief phase luring other people into those presentations without me ever having to buy the starter kit.

PictureLast night my husband, Joe, and I were discussing the huge task that any candidate faces – fundraising. He made a joke that it is no different than selling Cutco knives (he was suckered into buying that starter kit prior to meeting me) or skinny wraps (my stint with multi level marketing). I laughed at his witty simplification of a daunting task. Calling people you hardly know or haven’t seen in 20 years and asking for money is anxiety inducing and extremely humbling.

His comparison really got me thinking, though. Don’t get me wrong, I believed in the products I sold in my MLM, but not like I believe in what I am selling now. When I pick up the phone and call family, friends, my dentist and former OBGYN, I am not asking them to buy a product that will sit on a shelf. What I am offering is a stripped down, honest representation of myself. 

I also know that not everybody who donates will necessarily believe in all of my politics, but they know that at my core, I care. When I get panicked about asking people to give some of their hard earned money towards my campaign, I have to remember what I dream of accomplishing. Yes, I’ve been able to help a lot of families with emergency grocery drop offs during this crisis, but if elected, my work could be so much bigger than a food pantry out of my house.

I very much want to represent all of the 60,000 constituents of the 39th District, not only those whose voter registration matches mine. I care about every single person. I want to hear their concerns and their ideas. I want to improve the lives of every Pennsylvanian. My calling in life has always been to serve others. I can’t think of a more rewarding way to serve others than in this role. I know this is a very simplified and dumbed down version of the work of a state representative, but at the heart of it is service and caring for your fellow human being. And I can ensure you, I very much care.

There are still traces of the stepping stones that brought me to where I am today – a bottle of It Works defining gel in my bathroom vanity, a Cutco butcher’s knife in my top kitchen drawer. It is the path stretching into my future that I’ve turned my sights towards now, though. I ask you to please consider helping me reach my destination.